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    美卡諾RK Rose+Krieger “服務洽談防護窗口”


    Sneeze guard / droplet guard for point of sale, open-plan offices and reception areas – on the safe side with a customisable sneeze guard. The protection of employees and customers from a corona infection is currently a priority. RK Rose+Krieger has developed a sneeze guard system which can be adapted individually in size and design to suit the local conditions. Whether it's a stand-up model for counters, partitions suspended from the ceiling made from transparent plastic (polycarbonate) or larger partitioning systems for supermarket checkout areas – everything can be implemented quickly and simply.


     ? Simple setup and quick assembly 

     ? Easy to clean 

     ? Flexible dimensions and versions available for delivery 

     ? Short delivery times and very good service 

     ? Special versions (panels, colours, fastening, special dimensions) available for delivery