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    Railings, stairs, platforms and pedestals are easy to achieve using the ITAS tube connector system

    ITAS – Industrial stairs, railing and working platform system

    It enables tubes to be connected quickly and easily without annoying transitions

    With ITAS, the system for industrial stairs and working platforms, RK Rose+Krieger facilitates the assembly of everything from simple railings right through to complex stairs and working platforms. Drilling, welding and mitre cuts are no longer necessary – assembly is carried out simply by fitting parts together using a plug-in system.

    Railings for stairs, pedestals 

    and working platforms can be 

    created quickly and easily

    Tube connectors for railings, working platforms & industrial stairs – DESIGN, ASSEMBLE … DONE!

    Connecting tubes that have been cut to size can be connected to one another using ITAS tube connectors made of cast aluminium based on a simple plug-in principle. No further mechanical processing is necessary, which reduces assembly costs to a minimum. An internal clamping mechanism made from galvanised steel and the tightening of the special clamping screws guarantee a positive connection with smooth transitions, which are pleasing to the touch and also ensure enhanced safety – gone is the risk of injury due to snagging on protruding parts. The result is a simple and stable system that fulfils all         safety guidelines and can be adapted or dismantled at any time to suit your requirements.

    ITAS working platform on a substructure

     with BLOCAN aluminium profiles

    In addition to the simple assembly, the ITAS system is also extremely flexible – even existing structures can be easily modified: tube elements are simply shortened where necessary and reconnected using the tube connectors. If an extension is necessary, the existing component is simply replaced by a longer one or an additional element and its corresponding connection added. No longer any need to separate, weld and paint, as is still necessary with steel structures, thus sparing the customer a time-consuming, laborious and messy task. For this reason, the residue-free ITAS system is particularly suitable for use in areas in which cleanliness is a decisive factor. The wide range of elements includes tubes, countless tube connector versions, as well as panels, step profiles, side plates and the corresponding holders and rails. The material used is a corrosion-resistant and easy-to-clean aluminium. The ITAS system is also easy to combine with the BLOCAN? profile system and the comprehensive range of RK tube connectors.

    Crossover with ITAS tube connectors